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ecoPack Food COMPANY Ltd.

Our mission is to fit into the rapidly changing packaging needs, by providing unparalleled packaging solutions that will generate the highest level of satisfaction to Ghanaians, making the brand the most customer-oriented, recognisable and appealing food packaging company in sub- Saharan Africa, and beyond. We specialise in listening to the needs of our customers’ needs and tailoring our efforts to creating a solution in the most efficient manner.

Provide quality food to consumers at reasonable price, and to benefit from the limitations of existing traditional supply chain. We also exist to reduce the percentage of food produce that goes waste, due to lack of buyers and food packaging firms such as ours, and the production of well-packaged, clean and safe food for all. EcoPack is optimistic about returns for shareholders and therefore works efficiently and effectively to achieve all set goals and targets. We are  striving to become the leading and innovative packaging firm in the Ghana by building quality, full-service oriented entity that will command the approval of the communities we serve.

Our vision as a business entity is to, within the next five (5) years, to be operating in all regions and districts in the Republic of Ghana. Between the next five to ten years, we envisage our presence in the West African sub-region.

Who We Really Are

The Farmer's Friend

We are a ready market for farmers who are ready to modernise

Ready Market

We provide a readily available market for our customers needs.

Customer Support

EcoPack as a business entity thrives on giving our customers the best.

An Evolving Entity

We are an innovative business, relying most times on science, research and technology.

Revolutionalising Farming

Our Story

The question we keep asking is: why should farm produce go waste in this 21st Century? Why should valued farmers not have access to a readily available market? Why should farmers be paid peanuts for their hard labour?

This is where ecoPack Ghana comes in. We are the farmers saviour!

  • Food Safety 98% 98%
  • Market Accessibility 89% 89%
  • Innovative Approach 92% 92%
  • Customer Happiness 99% 99%


Christian Yamoah Gyasi

Christian Yamoah Gyasi

Founder & CEO

Food Packaging Industry Expert

John Asamoah

John Asamoah

Operations Manager

Operations Management Expert.

Clement Brako Akomea

Clement Brako Akomea

Business Intelligence

IT & Business Intelligence Expert